Letters To Ally
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Our Story begins on February 14th 2002 with the rescue of the cutest, but unluckiest, Golden Retriever puppy named, Ally. Little did we both know, both of our lucks were about to change forever. Ally was beautiful, daring, and a part of every decision and path I made for our lives. I felt like every step we took together had to work for the both of us. She depended on me and I wanted for nothing more than to make her happy. Together we created memories. We spread our love through online social media. We cried with many others than myself when she took her last breath and left us for The Rainbow Bridge.

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The “Welcome To Heaven, Ally!” drawing below was done by John Rasmussen Cartoons.


Our Journey was never an easy one, but we always had each other. Ally and I spent many years making memories, but none would be harder than the moment she was diagnosed with mammary cancer. A few years into her fight, the cancer had spread to her lungs, spleen, and lymph nodes. Eventually Ally would succumb to her diagnosis. She crossed The Rainbow Bridge on October 25th 2017. My heart has never been the same. I write Letters To Ally often on our social media. It always feels like she’s listening somewhere out there. Losing Ally was the hardest thing I ever had to face. I needed a little help with recovering from her loss. So I rescued a 1.5 year old little Yorkie named, Osito (Little Teddy Bear in Spanish) who gave me a new beginning.


A new beginning.

Life after loss…


Love At
First Paw

On January 16th 2018, I rescued a little Yorkie named, Osito. Osito means little teddy bear in Spanish. My broken heart has been able to begin the process of mending with my Little O. He’s truly a Godsend and I love him to the moon and back. It is through Osito, our Journey continues. Osito will probably never know about the big shoes he had to fill, but my heart does. I was afraid to take on a new pet because I did not want him to live in Ally’s shadow, but it is clear, he lives in no shadow. He’s the reason for the next chapter and I could not be more grateful for him than I already am.