Dear Ally


Dear Ally,

This is my second Christmas without you, although it feels like the first. Last Christmas, you had been gone barely a few months, and I hadn't had time to wrap myself around the Holiday as I have this year. While I knew it was Christmas, it felt more like I had been devastated by the loss of a friend such a short time ago, and I had.

Now, it's been a little over a year, and I've had some time to get into the Christmas spirit, so I want you to know... I love you and I miss you. With every twinkling light, shiny star, Christmas ornament, I miss you more, but I see you and I feel you. I see you in every decorated store, on every decorated porch, and tonight as I walk Osito, I see you in every smiling face.

You absolutely loved Christmas. I'd watch you drift off to sleep as you'd stare endlessly at every single glowing light or decoration. So this Christmas, I'll shed tears, but only for a while, because it's the same smiling joy that came over your face during this time, that I'll hold onto. Always and forever, Ally. To the moon and back.



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