The Letters To Ally Book


I have partnered with Shutterfly to make books complete with photos and Letters To Ally. They're offering me really good prices for the book. I am considering working on this. They would be available around June/July if I went through with it. I am wondering how many people would be interested!?

The book would be a hard cover book with 21-30 pages of her best photos edited by me and the best letters I have written to her. Mostly, it be a way for me to put the final letters I want to write on paper and have them spread onto the world. I feel like this would be a great way to let go of the past and move forward with Osito. It is not goodbye, but rather, I'll see you later, to the best friend anyone could have asked for.

The book would run about $54.95 with shipping included. More than half of that is really the cost of the perfect book that would not only do Ally's memory justice, but all of you. I want it to be the best book ever in her memory.

You can comment on this post or hit us up on our social media! I just want to gage the interest because I would have to order quite a bit in advance. Thanks Ally Pack!