Dear Ally, I miss that gaze.


Dear Ally,

I was going through some folder on my computer today, looking for something and I came across our old Facebook folder. The folder I downloaded of your photos some time ago before we reset the page. I noticed something in that folder Ally. You always looked at me with such love and devotion. It made me cry.

I don’t know how anyone deserves that kind of love, ever, but I am sure glad that I found it with you. I really miss that stare Ally. I miss catching your eyes and holding them in each other’s gaze until one of us looked away. You would always look at me so deeply. Almost as if you were peering straight into my heart. And that’s what you were. My heart.

I hope to see those lovely, big brown eyes again one day and just know the moment I catch them, their yours. I miss you Ally. I love you. To the moon and back. Always and forever.