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A Tale Of Healing

Dear Ally,

Life is so hard without you. I am trying every day to be happy but I find I am having issues to find things to be happy about. Why is life so hard?

Forget the physical pain because the emotional is far more worse. I would rather die a thousand times than feel the pain of losing you. I know loss is hard, but this is been the hardest I have ever been through.

Osito has a birthday in July. He will be two. While our tale is of undying love, his and mine is a tale of healing. Both of us are healing and we grow closer every day. I hope you're watching over him Ally. He needs your guidance. He's just a wee little fellow.

I love you Ally, to the moon and back. Always and forever.



Ps. We have an additonal letter to Ally scheduled on our facebook page today for 3:30 AM PT.